Ghost Is Dancing, The - Battles On


The Ghost is Dancing is an indie-pop conglomeration formed out of a group of friends in Toronto. Kevin Corlis on drums, Jamie Matechuk on guitar and vocals, Odie Ouderkirk on keyboard, Eric Krumins on bass, Jonathan Altman on trumpet and guitar, Lesley Davies on vocals and keyboard, Ben Deschamps on violin and Dave Kates on trombone and guitar.


  1. TGID - Dream Of A Failed Architect
  2. TGID - Battles On
  3. TGID - Rogues & Heroes
  4. TGID - This Thunder
  5. TGID - Stick Together
  6. TGID - Louis Riel
  7. TGID - Strange Times
  8. TGID - Battles Off
  9. TGID - Was A Universe
  10. TGID - Flashing Pictures
  11. TGID - Old Children
  12. TGID - Without Friends