Spirits - Spirits All


Accomplished songwriters Ian Smith (Miniatures) and Brad Germain *The Marble Index) team up with drummer/vocalist Nick Skalkos on Spirits' self-titled release. The album was self-produced in Kitchener, ON, with the emphasis on catchiness and melodies. "We didn't want it to be a heavy band. We were shooting for it to be more 'poppy,' just focusing on the melodies of the song," says Germain.


  1. Spirits - Into Gentle Arms
  2. Spirits - Open The Door
  3. Spirits - When The Sun Gets In My Eyes
  4. Spirits - Controlled Wildfires
  5. Spirits - Cold War
  6. Spirits - For The Love Of Money
  7. Spirits - Forbidden Flame
  8. Spirits - Pencil Neck
  9. Spirits - Heart Pump
  10. Spirits - Black Swan
  11. Spirits - Devil In My Dreams