Grand Duchy - Let The People Speak


Black Francis and Violet Clark's second Grand Duchy album features tracks "See-Thru You” which sets the scene alongside laser-guided synth lines, brass-fitted beats and ravenous riffs, only to be swept away by the manic melodies and fist-pumping choruses of “White Out.” Written by Clark while Francis was on tour with the Pixies, it’s just a taste of how carefree and confident the married couple’s become in the three years that separated their debut LP—an “experiment” that didn’t stay that way for long—and the dizzying highs of a concept album that exists in a “parallel universe in the”

Clark serves as in-house producer with the Fall’s Simon “Ding” Archer mixing, and drummer Jason Carter engineering.


  1. The Lopsided World of L
  2. See-Thru You
  3. White Out
  4. Where is John Frum
  5. Geode
  6. Shady
  7. Annie Bliss
  8. Dark Sparkles and The Beat
  9. Two Lies and One Truth
  10. Silver Boys
  11. Illiterate Lovers
  12. Face
  13. Esther
  14. ROTC
  15. Let the People Speak