Dinner Belles - The River and the Willow SUN150


What began as a barroom brawl, blossomed into a family of fast friends forged over a mutual love of folk, country and roots music. The Dinner Belles call Southern Ontario home, and are all about good vibes and good times. Composed of singers and songwriters (Brad Germain, Terra Lightfoot, Brandon Bliss, Scott Bell, Melanie Pothier, Greg Brisco, and Jonathan Ely Cass), the band mainly plays their own songs, but also has a large repertoire of country classics that they dip into during live sets.


  1. Back Home (In The Valley)
  2. I Might Do Everything Wrong
  3. Wandering Eye
  4. River And The Willow
  5. Be Good To The Earth
  6. Long Day's Journey
  7. (I Ain't No) Sonny Boy
  8. Speed River
  9. Same Mistake
  10. Ocean
  11. No Good