Dinner Is Ruined, The - A Maggot in Their Heads


"Hockey was my life," [TDIRB frontman Dale Morningstar] recalls from his Toronto Island home. "I played Triple A for Niagara Falls for about seven years. We went to California for a hockey tournament when I was 17, and I got busted at Disneyland for smoking pot. Then I got kicked off the team. The next fall I would have been up for Junior B tryouts, but they didn't want anything to do with a stoner goalie. I remember thinking, 'Well, I'm not going to be a pro hockey player. That's it; the dream's over. I'm going to make rock'n'roll my life.' It was so clear. Time for new dreams." Morningstar has found those dreams in the kaleidoscopic art-punk soundscapes of the Dinner Is Ruined Band, who've just released their sixth album A Maggot in Their Heads (featuring the song "Bobby Orr"). It's a surprisingly structured album that features great songs - something you wouldn't expect from a freeform band whose last album was a collection of found sounds." – Michael Barclay, Exclaim!


  1. 70's Slave Machine
  2. Classic California Ass
  3. Untitled
  4. Bobby Orr
  5. Bought Yerself a Bullet
  6. Sweet Land of Mines
  7. Mow-Down Lu'sianna
  8. B.Y'all Right
  9. Old Horse Whore
  10. Cavepumper
  11. Montana Doesn't Need Me
  12. Turd Burglar
  13. The Hangman
  14. Buffalo Jump
  15. Sleep Little Willie