Dirtmitts, The - Get On


"The Dirtmitts’ second album offers refined pop songs with resolute melodies and compelling song arrangements. Throughout Get On, impressive vocals ascend overtop of resounding guitars and an exact rhythm section. As on their debut, the Vancouver band's sound occasionally echoes the exceptional style of Columbus Ohio's perpetually under-appreciated Scrawl, merging inventive melodies with a restrained feeling of dejection. "Figure It Out” begins with a relaxed, stuttered rhythm before the volume stunningly crescendos, reaching a reverberating and harmonious chorus, forming one of the album's centrepieces. During the course of Get On, the Dirtmitts capably move from gentle murmurs to strident, beguiling material." – Rob Nay, Exclaim!


  1. Get On
  2. Figure It Out
  3. Catastrophe
  4. The Connection
  5. Ordinary Day
  6. Get The Minus Gone
  7. Bank Card
  8. The Tag Is It
  9. Blacker Than Strong
  10. Strange