SIANspheric - Somnium [Expanded Edition] SUN021


The two-decade-plus long existence of SIANspheric seems both improbable and poetic. The band's debut, 1995's Somnium, has been hailed as one of the top Canadian albums of all time. Incredibly, it had never been available on vinyl until 2016, when it was pressed on translucent red vinyl in a limited edition gatefold package for a planet-wide run of 500 (released Oct 28, 2016).

“Armed with a sinewy intellect and their own brand of gaseous post-rock prescience, they burned a path through the sonic stratosphere. The waves of gentle turbulence and ethereal beauty are still as hypnotic and cavalier as they were on the first listen. A stoner classic.” – Chart Attack (#40 on Top 50 Canadian Albums of All Time)

All songs written by Matt Durrant, Steve Peruzzi, Sean Ramsay and Paul Sinclair
Produced by The Shimmer Twins, Rob Sanzo and SIANspheric
Engineered and mixed by Rob Sanzo
Sequenced by James Cavalluzzo
Mastered by Brett Zilahi


  1. Turbulent - Hydrodynamic
  2. This Window
  3. Watch Me Fall
  4. Broken Man
  5. Flow, Ebb & Die
  6. The Stars Above
  7. Needle
  8. I Like the Ride
  9. Zoe
  10. Where the Planets Revolve, I Wish I Was There
  11. Goodbye (Outtake) [Digital Exclusive]
  12. Planet Awesollator (Awesollator Remix) [Digital Exclusive]
  13. Planet Allegories into the Bog Myrtle (Allegories Remix) [Digital Exclusive]
  14. Meats n Treats (Outtake) [Digital Exclusive]
  15. Turbulent Hydrodynamic (Outtake) [Digital Exclusive]
  16. Planet AF (Adam Franklin Remix) [Digital Exclusive]