Tangiers - Hot New Spirits


Toronto's Tangiers may, at first glance, represent an archetypal, derivative garage band. They've got most of the particulars in the bag; the tousled hairdos, the thrift-store suits, the cigarettes and alcohol. But throughout most of Hot New Spirits they both wisely and endearingly set themselves apart from the flock, twisting the garage formula to give it a new, refreshing looseness and dynamic without sacrificing the immediacy that the style thrives on. Incorporating a Stones-y rawness and a violently jangly two-guitar attack into the standard lo-fi muddle, the band ends up sounding... well, a lot like the Buzzcocks, really.… One thing that really makes this record-- that is, aside from the out-and-out stunning pop songs-- is the sincerity. These guys don't have the production value, fashion sense or, if we're judging by the artwork, desire to strike commercial gold. In fact, they lack every extraneous element that makes an MTV-friendly garage-rock band: there's no bratty attitude, no sneering vocals, and-- sorry, gents-- no "cute one". The focus here, absolute front-and-center, is always the song itself." – Pitchfork (8.2 review)


  1. Red Stone Rocks
  2. Keep the Living Bodies Warm
  3. Here Come the Pieces
  4. Return to the Ship
  5. Shocked
  6. Shoestrings
  7. Anxiety
  8. Ca Va Cool
  9. One Thousand Hands
  10. Eyes Shut
  11. Kiss My Lips
  12. Broken Leaf
  13. Situation