Tangiers - Never Bring You Pleasure


"Despite having been preemptively lumped in with a whole mess of nu-garage outfits, Tangiers were always a party band, more easily likened to Richard Hell & The Voidoids than The Troggs or Paul Revere.… Never Bring You Pleasure is a squirrely, bouncing homage to the Rolling Stones, with stacks of pert guitar riffs and plenty of lusty vocals. Like a more convincing Hot Hot Heat, Tangiers play sticky rock music that demands some kind of leg-kicking; Never Bring You Pleasure is a raucous, jerky combination of punk guitars and brash disco flourishes, a majestically danceable update on staid rock traditions." – Pitchfork (8.0 review)


  1. Love Rackets
  2. I Don't Love You
  3. Spine to Necklace
  4. Walk Run Walk
  5. Bones to Match the Heart
  6. Ro Ro Roland
  7. Energy Jaws
  8. Tropical Ceremony
  9. I Wanna Go Out
  10. Your Colour
  11. I've Been Calling
  12. We're So Breathless