Nein, The - Luxury


North Carolina's The Nein take another step forward into uncharted territories with their second full length studio album, Luxury. Recorded at Track and Field Studios in Carrboro NC with engineer Nick Peterson throughout 2006, the album is more experimental in nature than the previous Wrath of Circuits album. Unafraid of change and willing to push the boundaries of the typical rock band formation, Luxury finds the quartet mixing textures and stepping away from the typical guitar, bass, drums set up to incorporate more electronic ambiance into their musical mix.

“Quieter, creeper and more boldly experimental and anti formalist than anything that’s come before, [Luxury] is confirmation that the Nein takes the business of confounding expectations very seriously.” – Ben Rayner, Toronto Star


  1. Burn Construction
  2. Attitude and Mirrors
  3. Sweet Vague
  4. Journalist One
  5. Journalist Two
  6. Achilles Last Tape Solo
  7. Ennio
  8. Decollage
  9. Radical Chic
  10. Wreck We Um Dub
  11. Get Up
  12. The Future Crumbles
  13. A Landscape