Ad Astra Per Aspera - Catapult Calypso


"Any band that leans this heavily on experimentation is bound to have a few failures. But we try to forgive and move on, and focus on the successes. With Catapult Calypso, you might be bored by the lows, but that only makes the highs that much higher." – Pitchfork (6.7 review)


  1. Voodoo Economics
  2. Post-Scarcity Sing-A-Long
  3. Scatter Baby Spiders
  4. Nothing Else Is the Real Thing
  5. Unnamed Acoustic Song
  6. Globos Illuminados
  7. A Fish Would Much Rather Swim
  8. Everybody Let's Me Down
  9. The Romantic One
  10. Flannery's Coming Home