Slowcoaches - Nothing Gives (Expanded Edition) SUN170


Limited Edition Clear/Green Splatter 12" LP with Digital Download.

Self-genrifying themselves as ‘Slack Metal’, Slowcoaches defy being pigeon-holed into any particular traditional or popular modern genre trope, instead carving out a niche that’s all their own. The band’s rowdy live show is the perfect vehicle for their tongue-in-cheek fuzzy but hook-laden and poppy noise-spheres which tend to induce dancing and fist-pumping in equal measure.

"Recorded over a mere two days, these songs rip along at a fair ol' pace, recalling the gnarly riffing of Black Flag's Nervous Breakdown and the hooks of your '90s pop-grunge faves. Classic thrills, in other words, although this is no mere throwback… a solid and often wonderful debut." - The Skinny

"Nothing Gives exhibits everything that's great about loud DIY music. It's frantic, sloppy but accomplished, and it belongs in a live environment. It just happens to work very well on record, also." - Loud & Quiet


  1. Living Out
  2. Ex Head
  3. We're So Heavy
  4. Raw Dealings
  5. Drag
  6. Thinkers
  7. Norm and Values
  8. 54
  9. Levity
  10. Get Ripped
  11. Surface Observations
  12. Total Block
  13. Complex

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