Terra Lightfoot - Terra Lightfoot SUN137


"Currently, it seems like there are only two types of Canadian singer-songwriters: those who strive to sound like Jeff Buckley and those who strive to sound like Leslie Feist. Terra Lightfoot has crafted a third, more interesting option: none of the above." – Exclaim! Magazine

“There's no mistaking the passion and conviction in this music, a modern folk style that combines soul-stirring laments, poignant lyrics, and songwriting grounded in warm humanism. Inhabiting a unique place, very few acoustic performers can glow so prettily." - Lonely Vagabond

Terra Lightfoot's 2011 debut, recorded and mixed by Dale Morningstar at the Gas Station. Backing players include drummer/guitarist Peter Hall (A Northern Chorus, Huron, Blackburn Hall), bassist Cam Malcolm (Huron, Sweet Homewreckers, Deseronto), pedal steel player Aaron Goldstein (Huron, Lee Harvey Osmond, Cowboy Junkies), keyboardist Adam Melnick (Huron, Blackburn Hall), and cellist Alex McMaster (A Northern Chorus, Ron Hawkins, Christine Fellows).


  1. Terra Lightfoot - Straight Line
  2. Terra Lightfoot - The Orchard
  3. Terra Lightfoot - Sleep Away The Winter
  4. Terra Lightfoot - Quieter
  5. Terra Lightfoot - Heads Tails Tails
  6. Terra Lightfoot - Foxes
  7. Terra Lightfoot - Lucid Dreams
  8. Terra Lightfoot - Parking Lot
  9. Terra Lightfoot - Orissa
  10. Terra Lightfoot - Creases